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Do you enjoy being creative in the kitchen or thinking of a future as a chef? Want to be a fashion designer? Is working with children or being a future youth or adult counsellor in your plans? How about being paid to travel or making a future in the Tourism industry? Then Home Economics courses should be a part of your course selection. We offer Food Studies, Family Studies and Clothing and Textiles and Tourism courses. Our courses are exciting, practical, hands-on and interactive. If sitting still isn't your style, if you're an active, motivated student looking to be challenged in a fun, creative environment, then think HOME ECONOMICS!

Applied Skills 8


This course will give students an introduction to two areas of Applied Skills, Foods and Nutrition and Textiles. All of these components are also available at the senior level for students who discover a particular interest or talent.

Applied skills

Home Economics 9: Foods


Increase your knowledge of food by cooking up a storm. A break from sitting in a desk all day, you will be chopping, slicing, dicing and planning your way to delicious meals and desserts you can prepare and eat all in one period. Attendance is essential for success because of the hands on nature of this course.

Applied skills

Food Studies 11


It is open to grade 11 and 12. This course gives students the basics of food preparation but will also appeal to the future professional chef. Activities include: partial demonstrations, labs and theory. Daily attendance and punctuality are essential because of the hands-on nature of the course.

None, Food Studies 10 recommended
Applied Skills

Food Studies 12


This course is a continuation of Food Studies 11. The content learned in this course will build upon content in Foods Studies 11. However no pre-requisite is needed. Activities include: teacher and student demonstrations, labs and theory. Daily attendance and punctuality are essential because of the hands-on nature of the course.

None, Food Studies 11 recommended
Applied skills

Home Economics 9: Textiles
Home Economics 10: Textiles


This is an introductory course into the field of textiles and fashion design, suitable for grade 9s, 10s, 11s, or 12s who may have little or no sewing skills. Each student will make a minimum of three garments, focusing on pattern and fabric selection, pattern fitting, and completion and personalizing of each garment. Each student chooses their own projects within certain guidelines based on individual skill levels and personal interest.

Applied skills

Textile Studies 11


This course is designed to develop and expand students' skill level in textiles while creating new and exciting fashions. Using commercial patterns and the latest techniques, each student will create and fit at least three projects of their choosing showing growth and development in skill level as well as growth in different construction techniques. The choice of patterns depends on the student's skill level, budget and interest.

None, Textiles 9 or 10 recommended
Applied skills

Textile Studies 12


The goal of this course is to challenge student's skill level in sewing. A minimum of three garments will be made and more advanced sewing techniques will be covered. Students will continue to expand their sample portfolio from Textiles 11. When complete, this portfolio may be used for presentation at colleges or fashion design schools, or as an entry tool for the movie costume industry.

Textiles 11 is recommended
Applied skills

Tourism and Hospitality 11


Would you enjoy working in the fastest growing industry in the world? If you enjoy serving people and learning about travel, this course is your first step. You will have the opportunity to successfully complete three certifications required by the tourism industry, which will make you more employable. They are Food Safe, Super Host Fundamentals, and Serving It Right. Students will be engaged in individual, small, and large group work, lively discussions, videos, guest speakers and library research. Excellent attendance and attitude are essential for success.

Applied skills

Tourism and Hospitality 12


Expand your knowledge of the tourism industry while adding four more certifications to your resume: Super Host: Service Across Cultures, Super Host: Customers with Disabilities, Super Host: Japanese Service Expectations, and First On the Scene. Become knowledgeable about the hotel, conventions, and cruise industries, understand world cultures and emergency first aid procedures. Students will be engaged in: individual, small and large group work, discussions, videos, guest speakers and library research.

Tourism 11
Applied skills

Family Studies 11


It is open to grade 10, 11 and 12. This course helps students learn valuable skills while studying the broad subjects of families, human development, personal growth, and relationships. The topics will include: communication skills, effective family living, understand yourself, human sexuality and reproduction, love and infatuation, eating disorders, dating abuse, STDs, assertiveness and conflict resolution. Teaching activities include class discussion, research assignment, individual and group projects, guest speakers, movies and instruction.

Applied skills

Family Studies 12


Course Content: Lifestyle, relationships and the family are the main focus of this course. Students explore the challenges and the complexity of adult life. Topics covered include the family, marriage, human sexuality and alternative lifestyles, parenting, adolescent development, aging, death and grieving. The study of self in relation to others continues to be emphasized with a focus on developing a better understanding of human interactions. Activities: Work consists of exercises, projects, videos, research assignments, class discussions, field trips and guest speakers. Assessments: Projects and assignments, class presentations, participation, tests, and final exam.

Applied skills