The Delta School District is administered by the Board of Education, which is elected by the voters of Delta. Seven trustees govern the district by establishing educational and administrative policies and regulations. The trustees guide the work of the Superintendent of Schools and the members of the administrative staff who provide the day-to-day leadership and management of the district.

The Board of Education supports Delta School District in achieving its Vision for 2030
to “be an innovative, inclusive community where all learners belong and everyone soars.”¬†

The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Education are determined by the School Act.

The Board’s responsibility consists of several basic functions:

  1. Policy, planning, and evaluation: Setting the Board policies and plans for the District, and evaluating their attainment are considered to be the primary functions of the Board.
  2. Action on legal requirements: Carrying out required formal Board actions, within the guidelines of Board policy.
  3. Senior personnel selection: Conducting or ensuring that proper procedures are used for selection of the superintendent and other senior administrative personnel.
  4. Climate-setting: Assisting in the setting of a favourable climate for productive activity in the district.
  5. Public relations: Ensuring that appropriate channels of communication exist with internal and external “publics”.
  6. Final appeal: Acting as a body of final appeal where other means of dispute resolution in the district are unsuccessful.

Trustees are committed to community participation in order to better support the children of Delta. They are available to help parents and members of the public with any issue they may have about the district. Each trustee works on behalf of the whole district and has liaison responsibilities for specific schools.

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