Students Come First

Delta School District’s 24 elementary and seven secondary schools provide safe, culturally diverse and nurturing learning environments. We offer a variety of quality programs to meet unique learning needs and we engage students in stimulating and relevant educational experiences. A dedication to social responsibility teaches our students to respect themselves, their environment and each other.

Ranking highly in student and parent satisfaction surveys, we constantly strive to build real value in education. Our graduation rates are among the highest in British Columbia and our students consistently rate near the top of the annual Foundation Skills Assessment tests. Our emphasis on achievement is reinforced every year with our annual Achievement Contract – ensuring key areas stay in focus and school resources are allocated for the maximum benefit of our students. All of these accomplishments are due as much to the dedication and hard work of teachers and staff as they are to the commitment and support of parents and the broader learning community.

In the Delta School District, our entire community is working hard to become the best district we can be. As a whole, we have identified a vision that we are now committed to achieving. By 2030, the Delta School District will be ‘an innovative, inclusive community where all learners belong and everyone soars.’