Charitable Giving

The Delta School District is a registered charitable trust through the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency. Although the Provincial Government provides funding for the district’s core education programs and services, there are additional programs and services that greatly benefit from donor support! Donations received help us to deliver the best possible education to our 16,000 students.

There are many different ways to help support the District and its 31 schools:

General Donation

Donation Form (PDF)

  • The donor’s cheque must be made payable to the school or the District
  • The Secretary-Treasurer’s Office issues tax receipts for any contribution in excess of $25
  • We need the name and mailing address of the person making the donation (normally already on a personal cheque)
  • The tax receipts will be mailed directly to the donor from the Secretary-Treasurer’s office
  • The donation can not directly benefit the donor or the donor’s family members
  • The donor can not receive anything (service or goods) in return for the donation
  • For PAC donations to a school, the Principal would need to make the final decision on how the donations are spent (Revenue Canada will allow the Principal to do this in consultation with the PAC).
Donation to a Scholarship or Bursary

Please contact the Principal of your school or one of the Assistant Superintendents to donate to a scholarship or bursary.

Donation to a Designated Project
  • the project must be sanctioned by the school or district
  • the process to issue a tax receipt is the same as for General Donations
Gifts in Kind
  • donations of goods may be made to the school or District
  • the District is obligated to obtain a market valuation from an independent third party and can not issue a tax receipt for greater then the assessed value. The donor is under no obligation to continue with the donation if the independent market valuation obtained by the District is considered to be too low.
  • For tax receipts less than $1,000 a knowledgeable staff member may provide the valuation.
  • For tax receipts greater than $1,000 the District must obtain a market valuation from an independent third party (please contact the Procurement Manager, 604-952-5306).
Silent Auctions / Craft Fairs
  • Items donated – a tax receipt can be issued for items donated
    • Minimum tax receipt is $25
    • Items less than $1,000 must be assessed by a knowledgeable employee
    • Items greater than $1,000 must be assessed by an independent third party
  • Items purchased – no tax receipt can be issued
  • Cash donations with nothing received in return – it might be advantageous to set up a separate table/booth to facilitate those who may wish to make a donation to the school while they are attending the silent auction / craft fair