DSD Emergency Procedures

Delta School District staff would like to provide you and your family with some information on our District Emergency Procedures.

Over the past few years, most B.C. School Districts, in consultation with community and Provincial partners, have moved away from existing terms for emergency procedures and adopted language that is more universally accepted across North America (and globally) by first responders and Police.

In the event of an incident at your child’s school, this language is what will be used to communicate with staff, students, Delta Police (if required), and the public.

One of our goals is that by moving away from broad terminology like “code red” and “code yellow”, to more specific language, parents will have a better understanding of what is happening at your child’s school, in the event of an emergency.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this information, as a preventative measure against confusion and unnecessary concern in the event of an incident.


Where can I go for more information?

If you hear about a serious emergency at your child’s school through the news, social media or other means, DO NOT PROCEED TO THE SCHOOL.  Instead, the District will update the school website as information is released by the Delta Police Department, including off site evacuation and parent information locations.

Why shouldn’t I go to the school?

There are several reasons we ask parents/guardians not to show up at the school:

  • Extra traffic near the school may impede police, fire and EMS personnel that are responding to the situation.
  • Schools on lockdown will not let parents in as they don’t have the resources to determine who is a parent/guardian and who might be a threat.
  • In the event of an actual threat, a parent/guardian could become a victim.

The safety of students is our highest priority. You can help most by checking the school website for  further information and instructions.

Can I call the school directly for more information?

We request that you do not call the school for more information. Recognizing that telephone reception could quickly become overwhelmed by a sudden increase in high call volume, communication both in and out of a school under lockdown will be restricted to law enforcement personnel.

May I communicate with my child during a lockdown?

It’s expected that many parents will feel an urgent need to contact their child in a lockdown situation.  Please DO NOT CALL or TEXT your child’s cell phone during an emergency as it is critical for them to remain silent and not draw attention to themselves or others in their group. If there is a real threat within the school, any sound could indicate where the students are hiding.

We ask all parents for their cooperation in respecting law enforcement directives prohibiting the use of cellphones by staff and students during a lockdown.