Delta School District is pleased to announce that it is embarking on an exciting journey to develop its Vision for the next 10 years.

Delta’s Bold Vision 2020 (see section below), which set the district’s priorities for 2011 – 2020, has served us well. It was embraced wholeheartedly throughout the district, and resulted in countless successful programs and initiatives we will build on moving forward. The Visioning process will provide much needed positivity and collaboration, and act as our guiding ‘North Star’ as we support Delta’s students present and future for the next decade.

Imagine you could help set the direction of the Delta School District for the next ten years. What hopes, dreams and possibilities can you picture for our future?  What values and qualities will students of the future need to be successful citizens who are able to address real-world issues?

Over the coming weeks and months, the School District will be inviting staff, students, families and community partners to share their hopes and dreams for the future direction of the School District through a series of surveys and online engagements. The visioning process will culminate with the unveiling of the new Vision 2030 in the fall.

The Visioning process is being supported by an Advisory Committee which acts as a sounding board for initiatives and encourages participation among their networks. Members of the Advisory Committee include representatives from:

  • Education partners: CUPE 1091, Delta Teachers’ Association (DTA) and Delta District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC), Delta Principals and Vice Principals Association (DPVPA)
  • Board of Trustees
  • School Board Office staff
  • Students
  • Local First Nations communities – Musqueam and Tsawwassen First Nations

The District hopes that as many of you as possible will engage in the process. Maximizing our collective wisdom will ensure that the District has the boldest, most impactful vision possible for the next 10 years!


Happening Now

School District Staff Engagement: Staff across the district are already participating in visioning sessions. From April to June, they can share what’s on their hearts and minds through live Zoom sessions, online surveys, conversations with colleagues, and by posting their thoughts on online whiteboard spaces and photo murals.

Upcoming Stakeholder Engagement Initiatives

May 12 – School Community Open House: Principals are reaching out to members of their school communities (ensuring representation from parents/guardians, students, Indigenous, Black, People of Colour and LGBTQ2I) to invite their participation in an evening Zoom session to share their thoughts and creativity for present and future students for the next 10 years.

May 13 – June 15: Parent/Grandparent/Guardian Online Survey: We will invite all parents/guardians of Delta students to provide their feedback via an online survey.

May 25 – June 8: Staff Online Survey: All staff will be given the opportunity to provide feedback via an online survey.

May 25 – June 8: Student Online Survey: We will be offering Secondary school students the opportunity to provide their input via an online survey.

May 25 – June 8: Community Partners Online Survey: We will be inviting community partners to provide their feedback via an online survey.

May/June – Discussions with Tsawwassen and Musqueam First Nations: We will be gathering feedback from members of both of our local First Nations communities.

Next Steps

Over the summer, we will review and analyze the information and data collected during April, May and June from all of the district’s stakeholders. This input will drive the creation of Vision 2030, including core values and priorities for the future of our school district.

We will finalize and share Vision 2030 in the fall of 2021.

Delta’s Bold Vision 2020

During the 2010/2011 school year, the Delta School District embarked on a journey to truly identify its future direction. All schools and school sites took part in a visioning process where they were asked to define their Big Bold Vision. Students, teachers, parents, and staff actively came together under the direction of a professional facilitator to brainstorm and narrow their focus. A graphic artist captured the ideas in drawings along the way. In the end, a concrete mission, vision and set of values were determined.


The Delta School District is a leading district for innovative teaching and learner success.

Vision Subthemes

  1. Students are engaged through stimulating, relevant and inspiring educational experiences that ignite a lifelong passion for learning.
    1. Multiple pathways to learner success
    2. Sustainable, accessible technology supports innovative instruction
    3. Education takes place in all parts of the community
    4. Teachers work collegially to use best practices
  2. Learners are fully prepared and empowered to contribute their personal best to society and become tomorrow’s citizens and leaders.
    1. Engaged and inspired learners achieve success
    2. Delta graduation rates soar!
    3. Well-rounded global citizens emerge from our schools
  3. Our schools nurture caring relationships, connections and a sense of belonging to our local and global communities.
    1. Safe and supportive learning community
    2. A culture of inclusion

To enable all learners to succeed and contribute their full potential to the future.


Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Community, and Excellence

CARING: Compassion, Empathy, Acceptance, Dedication

RESPECT: Equality, Fairness, Dignity, Inclusion, Trust

RESPONSIBILITY: Integrity, Accountability, Social Responsibility, Safety

COMMUNITY: Teamwork, Partnership & Collaboration, Connectedness

EXCELLENCE: Innovation, Creativity, Achievement, Engagement