In April 2021, the Delta School District embarked on an exciting journey to develop its vision for the next decade.

An Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from our staff, students, education partners (CUPE 1091, Delta Teachers’ Association and Delta District Parent Advisory Council, and Delta Principals and Vice Principals Association), the Delta Board of Education and local First Nation Peoples – Musqueam and Tsawwassen First Nations – guided this visioning process.

Through a variety of conversations and activities including Zoom calls, online surveys, whiteboard spaces and photo murals, we engaged with our key stakeholders and asked them to share their wishes and desires for the future direction of the school district. In total, the voices of almost 3,000 individuals were heard between April to June 2021, including staff from all schools and district sites. Over the summer, this data was analyzed to identify key themes. In the fall of 2021, the collective feedback and wisdom of these individuals was captured by a graphic artist to create Vision 2030.

We look forward to Vision 2030 being our guiding North Star for the next decade as we support Delta’s students present and future.