A Message From the Superintendent – Summer Holidays

It has been a tremendous year for students, staff and families in the Delta School District. We thank all students for working hard to learn, grow and contribute to your school and community.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2016. We are proud of all your accomplishments and successful completion of this first big step as lifelong learners.

Your graduation from secondary school is a celebration. It is a time to acknowledge your hard work and your life-long passion for learning.

Parents, guardians and families, thank you for working together with us to help students achieve their potential. Your ongoing support and collaboration with teachers, administrators and staff is invaluable to our community.

Thank you to staff for your professionalism and dedication to our students. Whether in a classroom or behind the scenes, your commitment to Our Bold Vision supports Delta as a leading district for innovative teaching and learner success.

You have earned a well-deserved break, and we hope you enjoy time this summer to relax and recharge for next year.


Dianne Turner

Superintendent, Delta School District