Are you interested in learning practical skills? Consider a career in Trades!

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Joseph, a Grade 12 student at Seaquam Secondary, is currently studying Welding at KPU as part of the Train in Trades Program.

Joseph’s interest in the Trades was piqued in Grade 10 when he started taking metalwork classes. He really enjoyed the classes and appreciated the opportunity to learn such practical skills.

“Working in an office environment never really appealed to me, so it was great to find out that I could study Level 1 Welding while still in high school. The classes at KPU are a little longer, and I spend 6 to 7 hours a day in the workshop, so it’s definitely takes more commitment than high school. However, I’m learning so much and the equipment there is amazing – it’s a very cool facility.”

Joseph encourages others to consider a career in Trades. “This program has shown me that I’m capable of putting my head down and getting the work done. I have more confidence in myself and my abilities as a result. I feel like I’m making leeway in life. It’s definitely the right choice for me.”