Burnsview and Seaquam Secondary Students Represent Canada at the VEX Robotics World Championships

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Students from Seaquam and Burnsview Secondary did their schools proud at the REC Foundation’s VEX Robotics World Championships last weekend in Dallas, Texas.

Since the start of the school year, the students have competed in regional and provincial competitions using their robots to score goals in fast-paced, exciting matches to earn a coveted spot at this prestigious competition. Five teams from Seaquam and one team from Burnsview secured a spot to showcase their skills at the event, which is the world’s largest robotics competition.

All six teams performed exceptionally well:

  • Team 9181N – Seaquam Grade 12 students Trevor Ruttan, Owen Reid, Carter Jones, and Pitt Crew Barry He entered the tournament ranked first in the World Skills Standings at the end of the season (March 20). They posted 15th in world skills at the tournament but no one actually beat their top score of 586 points so they are still first in the world for this season. They ranked 9th out of 79 teams in their division and took home the Create Award. Also, Team 9181N was selected to represent Canada at the Parade of Nations during the opening ceremony.
  • Team 9181M – Seaquam Grade 12 students Joshua Gilevich, Michael Lange, and Vincent Chung ranked 26th out of 80 teams in their division.
  • Team 9181F – Seaquam Grade 11 students Sanah Tatla, Isaac Santos, Inderveer Sidhu, Jaisal Sharma and Pit Crew Jackie Chen ranked 24th out of 79 teams in their division. They also won the Online Career Readiness Challenge.
  • Team 9181V – Seaquam Grade 11 students Tariq Suleman, Artemis Fleming, Thishan Mallawa Arachchi, Adesvar Malhans, and Finn Windmueller ranked 22nd out of 82 teams in their division.
  • Team 9181G – Seaquam Grade 9 students Garvit Khanna, Jinay Patel, Kartik Kapur, and Yatharth Garg ranked 68th out of 82 teams in their division. This was also the first time ever that a junior team in Seaquam Robotics qualified through the regional championship.
  • Team 98549W – Burnsview Grade 12 students Haden Williams, Lilah Ressalat, Mathew Nikolic, and Michael Volovyk ranked 23rd out of 81 teams in their division.

“Huge congratulations to all of our teams,” said Mr. Singbeil, Robotics and Engineering teacher, Seaquam Secondary. “Nearly all of them made it into the playoffs – I’m so proud of the students for their incredible passion and dedication, not just last week but this whole year. It was also a real honour to see Team 9181N represent Canada in the Parade of Nations at the Opening Ceremony.”

“It was the Burnsview team’s first time at the VEX World Championships and they performed really well,” said Mr. Ma, Robotics teacher at Burnsview Secondary. “Overall, they ended up with 7 wins and 3 losses, and made it into the playoffs. They also received an invite from the Dallas Cowboys to tour the AT&T Stadium where they got to see some of the incredible engineering at the stadium.”

These Delta students are certainly living up to the school district’s Vision for 2030 of being an innovative, inclusive community where all learners belong and everyone soars. Their critical and creative thinking, and collaboration and teamwork are key to their success.

By being invited to this competition in Dallas, the senior teams from our two Delta schools (9181N, 9181M, 9181F, 9181V and 98549W) were ranked among the top 809 teams in the world at the high school level, and Seaquam’s junior team (9181G) was ranked among the top 488 teams in the world at the middle school level.

Congratulations to all of the students who participated!

About the VEX Robotics World Championships

This is the world’s largest robotics competition with over 11,500 teams from 40 nations playing in over 750 local, regional, and national competitions throughout the school year in order to secure a prestigious spot in the championship tournament in Dallas. For more information, click here.