Changes to the Public Board Meeting Process

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Based on feedback from public Board meeting participants, the Delta School District is making further changes to the public Board meeting process.

“We have tried a few different formats for holding public Board meetings since the start of the pandemic and will continue to refine the process to make the Board meetings as open to the public as possible to encourage participation, while also ensuring the health and safety of all participants,” said Val Windsor, Board Chair.

Starting with the October 13 public Board meeting, the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent of Schools and the Secretary-Treasurer will meet in person in the boardroom at the school board office located at 4585 Harvest Drive, Delta. The only other people invited to attend meetings in person will be delegations that are making presentations to the Board.

Members of the school district’s Executive Team, our education partners (DTA, CUPE, DPVPA and DPAC) and local media outlets (Delta Optimist and North Delta Reporter) will be invited to participate via Zoom conference call. For members of the public, the meetings will be streamed live on YouTube.

The Delta Board of Education meets formally once a month as its designated means of transacting Board business. More information can be found on the Board meeting page of the district’s website.