Cliff Drive Elementary wins HUB Cycling Award

Category: District

This article was originally published in the Delta Optimist on March 2, 2023.

Last week, Cliff Drive Elementary was awarded the Top First Time School Award by HUB Cycling in its 10th Annual Bike Awards. More than half of the students at Cliff Drive took on the challenge and signed up for Bike to School Week, which took place in May 2022. They recorded a grand total of 589 trips over five days.

“My Grade 3 / 4 class played a leadership role in encouraging students throughout the school to take part in Bike to School Week,” said Nicole Cooper, teacher. “In addition to making posters and morning announcements, they went from class to class to collect the number of students participating, handed out stickers, and recorded the data. Students then got to display their stickers on our hallway bulletin board, which built physical health and bike safety awareness, and community spirit. It was great to see how excited students were to take part!”

Congratulations to Cliff Drive Elementary and keep up the momentum in 2023/2024!