Delta School District Aboriginal Education Review

Delta School District Aboriginal Education Review

Excutive Summary:

The major goals of this review were to identify the successes and challenges of Aboriginal education in the Delta School District. The review focused on four key themes:

How is Aboriginal Education in Delta School District perceived by its students, teachers, support staff, principals/vice-principals, district leadership, parents, and Aboriginal community members? What are the strengths and challenges of Aboriginal Education in Delta School District?

What are the roles and responsibilities of Aboriginal program staff and school/district leaders, teachers, parents, and community members in implementing the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement? Should the roles and responsibilities be revised? Why?

How do schools and the school district recognize the strengths and achievements of individual Aboriginal students? Of Aboriginal teaching staff? Of teachers who contribute to Aboriginal education? Of leadership in Aboriginal education?

What should be the top priorities for Aboriginal education in Delta School District? Why?

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