Delta Students Produce Antiracism Educational Video

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Last year, the school district received grant funding from the BC Multiculturalism Grants Program to support an antiracism initiative.

In collaboration with film maker Kama Sood, a South Delta Secondary graduate and one of the first students to attend the Delta Film Academy, students from Delta’s Secondary Schools have developed a number of videos to spark school-wide conversations about antiracism, and help provide direct action against racism in their schools.

Topics covered in the videos include racism in sport, the immigrant experience in Canada and the positive contributions of People of Colour (POC). One of the key deliverables is an educational video for students, staff and the community at large. We encourage you to watch the video here:

“The videos will be shared in classrooms across Delta and we hope they will make a positive difference by helping students, staff and the wider community be more aware of what constitutes racism and encouraging them to take steps to be antiracist,” says Satnam Chahal, Nancy Gordon and Brooke Moore, Co-Chairs of the District’s Antiracism Committee.

For anyone interested in learning more about antiracism, please visit: