Delta Students Win Top Awards at Provincial French Public Speaking Competition

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10,000 students from across British Columbia competed, 209 made the provincial finals, including 10 students from Delta in this year’s pan-provincial French public speaking competition, Concours d’art oratoire.

CORRECTION: Please note that a previous release was sent yesterday, May 9. It contained several errors: namely that a competitor named “Amelia Wade” won 3rd place in her category and that Ravinder Sheena was a student at SDSS. Those errors have been corrected in the content below. Please refer to this release from now on. We apologize for the errors and confusion.
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Ravinder Sheena from Burnsview Secondary, a Grade 11 Immersion student took 3rd Place with “Les bébés génétiquement modifiés” 

Lucas Bircher, in Grade 7 at École Richardson Elementary won the Early Immersion RésoSanté prize for health subject “Comment la téchnologie aide les handicappés” 

“Concours is an outstanding showcase and celebration of excellence in French language education,” said Greer Cummings, President of Canadian Parents for French BC & Yukon.

“Through participation in Concours, students develop their public speaking and relationship building skills in French, and ultimately the confidence to express their ideas clearly. These capacities are highly valued in today’s global society, making these students more adaptable and employable in a dynamic and competitive landscape. As effective communicators, these students will  become the leaders of tomorrow. We are so proud of all our Concours participants. Bravo à vous toutes et tous pour votre belle participation!”

This year marked the 36th anniversary of the Canadian Parents for French BC & Yukon-sponsored Concours d’art oratoireThe provincial finals were hosted Saturday, May 4th at SFU Surrey.

Congratulations to all the students from Delta who competed in this year’s Canadian Parents for French BC & Yukon-sponsored Concours d’art oratoire!

2019 Provincial finalists from Delta:

Amelia Wade | Grade 6 Early Immersion  | “Survivor” | École South Park Elementary
Rajinder Sheena | Grade 8 Immersion | “Les vaccins: bons ou mauvais?” | Burnsview Secondary
Sophia Kulikov | Grade 9 Francophone | “Vos loisirs peuvent aider votre carrière” | South Delta Secondary
Juliette Smith | Grade 6 Francophone | “Diabète de type 1” | Ladner Elementary
Ashley Liang | Grade 9 Immersion | “La guerre des émeus” | Burnsview Secondary
Tanisha Misra | Grade 10 Core French | “La puissance de l’éducation” | North Delta Secondary
Maggie Stewart | Grade 10 Immersion | “Qui a inventé le téléphone?” | South Delta Secondary
Rosie Murano | Grade 12 Immersion | “La sociomusicologie” | Burnsview Secondary

*Canadian Parents for French BC & Yukon is a parent-lead registered non-profit dedicated to creating quality and accessible French second language opportunities for all youth.

*Concours d’art oratoire is a pan-Canadian French public speaking competition — an estimated 85,000 students participate annually across Canada.