Draft Budget 2022/2023 – Public Engagement

Category: District

The Delta School District is committed to transparent budget planning and resource allocation that is directly aligned with the strategic vision, goals and objectives established by the Board.

We would like to invite parents/caregivers to attend the following Zoom sessions to learn more about the budget and to provide feedback on their funding priorities for the upcoming school year. It is our sincere hope that as many voices as possible will engage in this important process:

  • Wednesday, February 23, 7pm – 8pm: A budget webinar, which will contain presentations and short videos aimed at explaining the budget process and providing an overview of district departments and their priorities.
  • Tuesday, March 8, 7:30pm – 9pm: A budget public input session, where the focus will be on encouraging open discussion and gathering important feedback on the community’s priorities for the draft budget.

Both sessions will provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions regarding the draft budget for 2022/2023.

 Please register using this link: https://forms.gle/dBsaxBdwdNu6E66A7

You will receive an email containing information about how to join the session the day before the event takes place.