Farm Roots offers leadership and employment summer program for Grade 10 & 11 students

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Students going into Grades 10 and 11 can earn English 10 or 11 credit
at Farm Roots Mini School this summer!

Farm Roots is partnering with Fresh Roots to offer SOYL: Sustainable Opportunities for Youth Leadership, a leadership and employment program that empowers secondary students to cultivate and steward a ½ acre farm for learning, community building and growing Good Food for All.

Through their time with SOYL, youth develop skills in growing, cooking and selling food, as well as a greater connection to themselves, their community, and the local food system.

In addition to earning credit for English 10 or 11, student participants can also earn a LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE and up to $600 in a cash honorarium.

Students will arrive at our Boundary Bay Farm Roots Campus (6570 1A Avenue, Delta) in the morning and work with our Fresh Roots Team. Tathali, Jasmine, and Sonia have a ton of energy and are excited to lead SOYL. During the morning, crews will plant and grow, while others harvest food from the field and make lunch for the whole team. The afternoons will be spent with the Delta Teacher on site where the course will be organized around themes such as sustainability, food systems, and community – themes immediately relevant to today’s realities.

This year’s program will run July 2nd – Aug 9th, (6 weeks). Monday through Thursday
from 9 am to 3:00 pm at Farm Roots Mini-School (6570 1A Ave, Delta). Please note that the program
times will be confirmed in June but should not differ too greatly. There will also be some days where
students will meet at a Farmers’ Market or other off-site location for field studies.

To register, please go to

Register through SOYL and, once accepted, you will be able to enrol in the summer school course through Delta School District.

For more information, please call Brooke Moore at 604-910- 8119 or email