Gray Elementary Student Wins Medal at the South Fraser Regional Science Fair

Category: School

Congratulations to Gray Elementary Grade 7 student Amare Pooni, 13, who won a silver medal for Curiosity and Innovation, as well as a BC Growers Certificate and $75, for his project at the South Fraser Regional Science Fair at KPU on April 9 and 10.

Amare’s project highlighted the impact household bacteria has on plants. He gathered bacteria from different places around his house and put it on the leaves and in the soil of plants.

In a quote to local media Amare said: “I noticed a variety of stuff … black and brown canker, and the leaves started to turn a different shade because it’s a deform growth chlorosis that’s when it’s not getting enough sunlight in the plants draining the nutrients.”

Amare was inspired to base his project on this topic by his aunt. “She took biology throughout high school and university, and she’s a pharmacist now, and I’ve seen the way she’s done this stuff, and it really got me interested in it,” he said.

“Amare put a lot of thought and effort into his project,” said his teacher Tanya Dobie. “I’m thrilled that his hard work paid off and that he’s keen to participate in the Science Fair again. I can’t wait to see what his project will involve next year!”