Hawthorne Teacher Hosts Farewell Harvest Picnic Luncheon

Category: District

Susanne Bohmert, teacher at Hawthorne Elementary, hosted her final Harvest Picnic Luncheon earlier this week in the school’s garden. Ms. Bohmert, who is retiring this week, has spent 33 years of her 34-year teaching career at Hawthorne Elementary and is well known and loved by families and the local community. Ms. Bohmert has hosted the Harvest Picnic Luncheon for several years, except during the pandemic.

A number of special guests including Mayor George V. Harvie, Assistant Superintendent Judy Maranda, Principal Jim Hope, school staff and current and past members of the school’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) were treated to a delicious lunch featuring food grown in the school’s garden by Ms. Bohmert’s Grade 2 class.

Approximately 15 years ago, Ms. Bohmert spearheaded the project to install a garden at the school. The majority of the garden boxes were built out of white cedar by students at Delta Secondary. With annual assistance and funding from the school’s PAC, she has helped hundreds of students learn about the food cycle and experience the satisfaction of growing their own food, such as potatoes, kale and rhubarb.

“The garden has been important in helping students understand the concept of stewardship and responsibility and taking care of our land in line with the First Nations Principles of Learning,” said Ms. Bohmert. “This garden is also important to the wider local community. I see many families and local community members walking admiring and appreciating the garden.”

“Ms. Bohmert’s work with the students in this garden leaves a wonderful legacy that will be enjoyed for many years to come,” said Ms. Judy Maranda, Assistant Superintendent. “We’re thankful for dedication and commitment to students throughout her career and wish her well in her retirement.”