Hip-hopping at South Park Elementary

The music kicks-in and, on cue, grade five students ‘pop’ into place. Some pop-and-lock, some break dance, some moonwalk, others chest-pop…all are dancing hip hop – and they are loving it!

“The kids love it! And parents are just blown away by the quality and hard work,” said Shanna Keen, chairperson for the South Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council. The PAC at the school subsidized the cost of the program.

For an entire week, One Vibe Entertainment came into the school and worked with every class from kindergarten to grade seven on hip hop routines. The goal of the program is to get kids moving in a fun and relevant way that connects art with physical education. From all accounts, students seem to explode with energy and excitement when they are introduced to hip hop.

“They have so much fun, while connecting with their peers in a way that allows them to be active and to express themselves artistically,” said Keen.

The theme for the hip hop program at the school was ‘In your community’. The focus was on jobs and each class’ dance routine focused on a different profession – including construction workers, postal workers, business professionals, IT professionals and first responders. The weeklong hip hop classes culminated in a performance for parents and staff. Every single class performed in the gym in front of their parents. The pride beaming from both students and parents was evident.

“Thank you all for the enthusiasm you have brought to our school. This week has been amazing,” said Lily Potter, vice-principal at the school.