Holiday Message from Superintendent Sheppard

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Happy Holidays from the Delta School District and Board of Education.
Schools will be closed from December 22 until January 7, with classes resuming at all schools on Monday, January 8, 2018.

A Message from Doug Sheppard, Superintendent of Schools:

This time of year is when I like to make room for reflection and gratitude. Before we all head off to celebrate with family and friends, I thank each of you for the contributions you make to the success of the Delta School District and to the success of our learners. Your hard work and dedication keeps us on track for reaching our district’s mission ‘to enable all learners to succeed and contribute their full potential to the future.’

Together we are making a difference in the learning experiences and opportunities for each of our students.

I would like to acknowledge our Board of Trustees for their leadership. You give selflessly of your time, skills and talents, to ensure education takes place in all parts of our community. Your work supports partnership and collaboration in Delta.

I am also grateful to our District leadership team, administrators, teachers, and all staff who work daily in our schools and offices. You help ensure our schools nurture caring relationships, connections and a sense of belonging to our local and global communities.

To our parents, I am grateful to you for masterfully doing what I know firsthand is the hardest, and most rewarding of jobs. Your dedication ensures our learners are fully prepared and empowered to contribute their personal best to society and become tomorrow’s citizens and leaders.

Finally, I am grateful for our students. Your humour, passion, kindness and bravery in your learning journey inspire me every day.

Have a wonderful holiday season, with time for celebration, relaxation and joyful experiences with family and friends.

Doug Sheppard
Superintendent, Delta School District

Thank you to all the Delta School District students who contributed to our holiday collage!