Home Quest Update

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This year, our Home Quest program has received a great deal of interest. We are working very hard to process all inquiries; however, it has taken longer than normal to work through families’ questions and registrations.

The process for applying to Home Quest is as follows:

(1) Email homequest@deltasd.bc.ca and request information. After receiving your email, Home Quest will reply with information to help you make an informed decision.

(2) After reading this detailed information, if you are still interested in the program, please email the Home Quest team (homequest@deltasd.bc.ca) to let them know you wish to proceed with registering your child.

(3) The Home Quest team will set up a phone interview with you. This is to give you an opportunity to ask any further questions.

(4) Once you decide Home Quest is the right fit for you, the Home Quest team will send you the registration information.

Please note: Parents who responded to their school survey indicating they would be choosing the Home Quest program still need to contact Home Quest directly to start the registration process.

There is still capacity in the Home Quest program and time for parents to register their child for it. If you have contacted Home Quest already but have not heard back yet, or have further questions, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing homequest@deltasd.bc.ca.

As stated in our message to families on September 1, we understand that some families may want to take a ‘wait and see’ approach for a couple of weeks before sending their child into school. In such instances, we will hold a spot for these children in their local school and will work with these families to develop a transition plan for their child based on their unique circumstances. Parents will be the primary educational supports for their children during this transition. The school will provide periodic check ins beginning the week of September 21. If families subsequently decide they would prefer their child to be in a distributed learning program, they can transition into the Home Quest program later in September. We remain committed to working with parents to find the best solution for their child, and will staff our schools and the Home Quest program accordingly.

Please note:

  • At this time, we can only accommodate families either living within the Delta School District or currently enrolled in a Delta School District school.
  • Home Quest does not currently offer French Immersion. The District is currently trying to find/hire a qualified French teacher for the program, but cannot guarantee that French will be supported (and to what degree) through this coming school year.