Just Watch Them—CBC Picks Seaquam Student as Top 10 Youth for Canada Day

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“Just Watch Them”— To celebrate Canada Day, CBC takes a look at 10 young Canadians who are making their mark in their communities and beyond.

When Abhayjeet Singh Sachal was on an Arctic ice fjord in 2016, he was struck by the silence surrounding him. And then he heard ice bricks melting.

“It was a bone-chilling experience that I’ll never forget,” says the 16-year-old student activist from Surrey, B.C. “And this idea that climate change is real really … sunk into me.”

As someone from southern Canada, he found it “really interesting” to discover he was “totally unaware of these issues that were impacting our northern communities.”

In an attempt to do something about it, he and his brother started an organization called Break the Divide. It encourages Skype conversations connecting youth in southern provinces with others in the North and elsewhere in the world, in the hope of developing friendships and laying the groundwork for change.

“We connect these youth in these different communities across Canada so that we can foster dialogue and discussion about prominent issues in their communities.”

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