McCloskey Playground Replacement – Summer 2019

Category: District

Starting in June the McCloskey Playground Replacement Project, which received over $100,000 from the provincial government earlier this year, will begin.

Installation of a new ‘jungle gym’ play area will be taking place in the northwest corner of the property from June-End of August.

  • June 5 – Secure Site (this will include perimeter fencing)
  • June 7 to June 24 – Prepare site base (excavate and gravel fill)
  • July 2 to August 30 – Assemble and install play equipment
  • August 20 to Aug 23 – Install benches, curbing and ancillary equipment
  • August 26 – Back fill Play area
  • August 30 – Clean up and project completion

This schedule may vary slightly depending on factors such as weather and other unplanned issues.

Updates and info on this project will be posted
as needed on the Delta Facilities Branch website.


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