North Delta Secondary Student Makes Incredible Drawings of a House into a Reality

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As part of a project for the Engineering 11 class, student Yuvraj Kahlon created an amazing scale model of a house. “Using a CAD program called Onshape, a laser cutter and glue, Yuvraj demonstrated great perseverance and drive, and worked through countless obstacles to produce a final product that is quite a sight to behold,” said Mr. Jeff Hacker, Teacher, Engineering 11, North Delta Secondary School (NDSS).

Below, Yuvraj describes how he went about this project.

The Maker Lab is truly an amazing place at NDSS. Thanks to the sophisticated technology available, I was able to make an amazing project. Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed designing automobiles and buildings by hand-sketching on paper. Although I found this method to be enjoyable, I was never able to make those drawings into reality. My first-year experience of Maker Lab in Grade 8 made it clear to me, this is where my goal to make those drawings into a reality was possible. 

In Grade 9 (Maker Lab Level 1), I designed and built a Pickup Truck Model out of wood using the laser cutter. Throughout the course, I made other projects too, but the truck was a real achievement. The Pickup Truck motivated and inspired me to construct something even more incredible for Maker Lab Level 2, which I entered in Grade 11.

In the first week of school (in 2021), I began a mission: to design a large 2-storey house inspired by local detached residential dwellings. It took almost 3 months to design and another 2 months to construct the house. Thanks to Onshape, I was able to sketch panels, provide measurements and view 3D renderings of the developing house. Through Onshape, I was able to analyze potential design flaws, ensure correct measurements and review the overall shape and design of the house before sending pieces to be printed from the laser cutter.

By the end of Semester 1 (in January 2022), I had created a two- storey house made of wood measuring 28 inches wide, 35 inches in length and 10.74 inches in height. With almost 100 individual pieces combined, it truly is one of my masterpiece projects.

Throughout the whole process, I learned so much about the engineering and design involved in constructing a house from start to finish. Although I encountered many hurdles, I was able to successfully determine the flaws through the 3D renderings and adjust measurements accordingly. I also learned how vital measurements are as they determine the look and assembly of the house. A mistake in the measurements could result in large pieces of wood being wasted. In the context of constructing a real house, this would mean real materials involved in the construction could be wasted resulting in financial loss. This project proved how important the design process is to the construction process itself.

Overall, I had a great time designing and constructing this house. I made mistakes, learned from them, and was able to produce a project in the end that I did not expect to achieve at the Grade 11 level. I hope to inspire other students from my journey, and have them see what is possible in the NDSS Maker Lab, as long as you have a goal and have the passion for getting there.

Congratulations Yuvraj! Your model house looks truly amazing, and is a great example of how critical and creative thinking drives success.