Pebble Hill’s Kindness Krew

Category: District

In the fall, seven grade 6 students at Pebble Hill Elementary were inspired to form a Kindness Krew at the school after reading Noah’s Universe, a book written by retired Delta school teacher, Alison Monk.  The underlying theme in Noah’s Universe is kindness while it tackles difficult subjects such as bullying, grief and growing up.

“For their initial project, the Kindness Krew decided to make cards and give chocolates to seniors at a local seniors’ home in Tsawwassen,” said Pebble Hill educator Judy Hickey. “To raise money for this initiative, they made and sold bracelets. They had huge success and have continued with kindness initiatives throughout the school year.”

The Kindness Krew now includes 15 students from Grades 5 to 7. Other initiatives they have worked on this year include making thank you cards for all staff at the school and handing out stickers to students they see engaging in acts of kindness. They have also created a kindness jar full of inspirational quotes. Every week, quotes are picked from the jar and shared with the entire school in the daily announcements. To help raise funds for its activities, the Kindness Krew recycles empty drink containers.

In May, Alison Monk visited the Kindness Krew to share her story of overcoming bullying and how it inspired her to write Noah’s Universe. School Principal Karen Simpson gifted each member of the Kindness Krew their own copy of Noah’s Universe in recognition of the positive difference they are making in their community.

Happily plans are already in place to continue the Kindness Krew for the next school year so that more students receive this important kindness message.