PG Pipeline Explosion: Delta School District to Conserve Natural Gas

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A pipeline operated by Enbridge ruptured and sparked a massive fire north of Prince George, B.C.  (DHRUV DESAI / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

As many of you are aware, the pipeline breech that took place in Prince George on Tuesday is having widespread impact on the flow of Natural Gas in B.C. and beyond.

CBC News: gas line explosion near Prince George, B.C.

As a result, all sectors are being required to conserve Natural Gas reserves, at least for the next 4-5 days until we have better information on the restoration of the pipeline. Enbridge are working with their operations department, Fortis and the regulators to ensure a resumption of service as soon as possible.

Like all school districts, cities, and municipalities in the lower mainland, the Delta School District is taking steps as of today to conserve Natural Gas usage by altering the heating schedules in our buildings.

Our plan specifically is to heat all District facilities and schools up to temperature in the mornings and shut the heating systems down around 11:00 a.m.

Given the weather forecast for the next few days, this is likely not going to have a drastic impact on the temperature in facilities throughout the early afternoon.

However, as we move into the evening hours, temperatures in our facilities will begin to drop. As a result we are recommending all students and staff members be prepared accordingly with appropriate clothing to layer as needed throughout the day.

We are also well aware that different sites may experience differing fluctuations in temperature and we will work with individual sites on an as needed basis.

Thank you very much for your understanding during these unavoidable circumstances.

Your support is greatly appreciated.