Protect your kids from HPV cancers: The HPV vaccine is safe and it works.

Protect your kids from HPV cancers: The HPV vaccine is safe and it works.  

Information from the Canadian Cancer Society

Every fall, parents of kids in grade 6 are asked to decide whether to have their child vaccinated against Human papillomavirus (HPV). This year, the Canadian Cancer Society is joining the conversation as a reliable voice in cancer prevention, urging parents to have their children vaccinated.

Meet Tiffany Bond – mother and cancer survivor. Tiffany’s throat cancer was linked to HPV and may have been prevented by the HPV vaccine. Tiffany was diagnosed at the age of 39.  
“I wish the vaccine had been available when I was younger,” says Bond. “Having gone through what I went through, I cannot understand why parents would choose not to have their children vaccinated against HPV.” 

Preventing HPV, and associated cancers, is simple. Learn about the vaccine, sign the immunization consent form, get your child vaccinated.

Girls are vaccinated for free in BC’s school-based immunization program but boys are not. Talk with your health care provider or visit for information on vaccinating your sons. Get involved at to help all BC youth have equal access to the HPV vaccine.

Questions? Get reliable answers from: Immunize BC’s HPV Vaccine or call to speak with a Cancer Information Specialist at 1-888-939-3333.

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Let’s work together to prevent cancer.