School Playgrounds and Hard-Court Areas Are Closed

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Updated – March 24

Please be advised that all Delta School District school playgrounds and hard-court areas are closed.

City of Delta Mayor George V. Harvie has directed the closure of all playground equipment in Delta to prevent close contact of children using these facilities. While this may be disappointing for some children and families, it is a necessary step as we do our part in helping to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We thank you in advance for respecting these closures.

CIty parks in Delta remain open and people are encouraged to use them in support of good physical and mental health provided social distancing between people of at least two metres is maintained at all times.

We urge you to remind your children of the importance of avoiding close contact with others outside of their immediate family members. We are aware that some young people in our communities are finding it hard to keep their distance from others, but it is vitally important that we keep a minimum of two metres or six feet between people to help reduce infection risk. Please encourage your child(ren) to connect with their friends through technology instead.

Many thanks to Burnaby School District for sharing this helpful social distancing graphic:

Thank you for your assistance in helping to keep our children and community safe.