SDSS Students Celebrate Black Excellence 

Category: District

This article originally appeared in the Delta Optimist on February 15, 2023. 

This year, the Anti-Racism team joined forces with the Truth and Reconcili-ACTION team on a number of important initiatives to help spread awareness to what is currently happening culturally in the world.

On January 13, they organized a school-wide celebration for Black Excellence Day and Martin Luther King Day. They hosted a gallery walk that highlighted 25+ influential black individuals in history and today, like Barack Obama, Lebron James and Jackie Robinson. The students from the two teams researched and created the infographs for the gallery walk and served cultural cuisine after students walked through the gallery, which was a nice way of getting everyone involved with what they are trying to accomplish at SDSS.

To extend the celebration and to honour Black History Month, for the month of February, they have created a slideshow that plays on the school tv’s all day that highlights 50 influencers in the black community. As well, for each day of February, there is a new slide highlighting interesting facts about selected Black Canadians and their accomplishments.