Seaquam Student Acknowledged as International Youth Change-Maker

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I hope to see a greater recognition and action towards issues facing Indigenous communities. — Abhayjeet Singh Sachal

Original article from CBC

August 12 was International Youth Day, a chance to celebrate the contributions of young people who are changing their local and global communities. In their short lives, these young Canadians are already working to make this country and the world a better place. What better way to mark the day than by letting them share their hopes for the future of Canada? 

Abhayjeet Singh Sachal, from Seaquam Secondary, is founder of Break the Divide, an organization that connects local Surrey, B.C. students with people from across Canada through video calls.

Thousands of Canadian citizens face extreme inequalities and suffer the effects of past atrocities of our government. Facing water and food insecurity, suicide rates well above the national average, substance abuse issues and the greatest high school drop-out rates, these Canadians are segregated from other aspects of society.

As a young Canadian, I hope to see a greater recognition and action towards issues facing Indigenous communities in Canada. It is necessary for non-Indigenous communities to integrate and connect with Indigenous communities in order to create a unified Canada where all citizens have access to the same opportunities in life.

Over the next fifty years, we will develop into a nation that connects with all its individuals. We must break all divides and unify. We must become one.

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