Second Delta Fire Youth Academy a Roaring Success!

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Last week, sixteen Delta students were immersed in the world of firefighting while taking part in the 2nd Delta Fire Youth Academy program, a collaboration between Delta Fire & Emergency Services, Delta Firefighters Association Local 1763, the City of Delta and the Delta School District.

Guided by expert instructors, students enjoyed an immersive firefighting experience. They spent the mornings delving into theory in the classroom, then geared up for hands-on firefighter simulations and drills in the afternoons, which included deploying 24’ ground ladders, scaling the 100’ aerial ladder, dressing fire hydrants, rolling fire hoses, repelling off buildings, working on rescue missions and handling charged attack lines to spray water. They ended the week by demonstrating their new-found skills to their families and school district staff, before being celebrated for their efforts at a formal presentation.

“This program is a great way for us to connect with the youth of Delta, showcase our profession and expose students to firefighting who may not have thought of it as a possible career option,” said Chief Guy McIntuck, Delta Fire & Emergency Services. “I believe this program will help a lot of young adults be able to decide on a potential career path that may be any of the emergency services – fire, police or ambulance. It gives them a taste of what it’s like.”

“Last year, out of the 16 students in the program, there were some who had expressed they would like to become a firefighter,” he continued. “We had one student who is now actively pursuing a career in firefighting and we are helping to mentor her. Whether she chooses to work at Delta Fire or another department, I will be a very proud person the day she gets hired.”

“There is a lot of front-end work before students come here to the firehall. I call it work but for all the members involved, they don’t consider it work. They are all so excited to be able to be part of this experience. This program is a collaboration between the City of Delta, fire union and school district, and is a huge success because of the efforts and enthusiasm of everyone involved. This also includes the students that came here with such a positive and respectful attitude. We are committed to continuing this program for the foreseeable future,” he concluded.

“Over the course of the week, we saw the students’ confidence and trust in themselves and each other grow,” said Cole McQueen, firefighter. “We are so proud of what they have accomplished and hope to see them back on our fire trucks one day.”

“This program encourages leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and a strong sense of community,” said Lisa Chapieski, Delta School District Coordinator Student Options and Opportunities. “These qualities are valuable not only in firefighting but in any profession. This program offers a supportive atmosphere for our students to delve into the firefighting career path, an experience that will significantly enrich their future pursuits.”

“The mentorship provided by firefighters is invaluable as they guide, advise, and cultivate connections among students. Last year, we witnessed students actively volunteering and maintaining their dedication to both the firefighters and the local community following the Academy. I extend immense gratitude to all the firefighters who have facilitated this invaluable experience for the students.”

Competition for the program, which is open to all senior grades, was fierce with 63 applicants vying for 16 places. The Delta Fire Youth Academy took place at Boundary Bay Fire Hall #4, which has a state-of-the-art on-site training centre. Prior to starting the Academy, the students also completed a first aid course as part of the program.

Congratulations to the following students who completed the program this year:

  • Tyler, Burnsview Secondary
  • Jeramie, Delta Secondary
  • Kaida, Delta Secondary
  • Tysei, Delta Secondary
  • Anmoldeep, North Delta Secondary
  • Carter, Sands Secondary
  • Austin, Seaquam Secondary
  • Brendan, Seaquam Secondary
  • Jack, Seaquam Secondary
  • Renate, Seaquam Secondary
  • Noah, Seaquam Secondary
  • Theo, Seaquam Secondary
  • Amelia, South Delta Secondary
  • Cameron, South Delta Secondary
  • Joshua, South Delta Secondary
  • Tyler, South Delta Secondary