Student’s Inventive Comic Strip Wins SDSS Classroom $500

Category: District

Congratulations to Grade 10 student Liam from South Delta Secondary whose comic strip (bande dessinée) was one of 16 winning comics from five countries (Brazil, Canada, Haiti, United States and Mexico) in the Adventures in the Americas contest.

Participants were asked to invent and showcase a superhero in a francophone and Canadian setting. Liam’s “bande dessinée” was titled “L’écureuil volant!” (The flying squirrel) and the story took place on the Gulf Islands. Click here to view Liam’s creation. Thanks to Liam’s creative and artistic storytelling, his classroom will receive $500 to spend on French resources. Well done Liam!

The contest was organized by the Center de la francophonie des Amériques, an association promoting French culture for all ages in the Americas. For more information, please visit: