Summer Message from Superintendent Sheppard

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As I take some time to reflect on this past school year, I am reminded of the many joyful moments shared in our schools, as well as some moments of deep loss. I am humbled at the support and kindness shown across the district. Our values of: caring, respect, responsibility, community, and excellence have been displayed in deeply meaningful ways this year.

2017/18 has also been a year of celebrating many student achievements, and remarkable accomplishments. Our vision is to be a leading district of innovation and learner success, and we can see the rewards of this focus in our graduation rates and exemplary student performance. Delta’s graduation rates continue to increase, and these student success rates are some of the highest in the province.

Doug Sheppard

There are many factors contributing to student success in Delta. I believe our desire and willingness, as educators, to question and improve our practice through deep collaboration—alongside our commitment that adults will connect, care, and mentor our students—are the cornerstones to successfully enabling all learners to succeed and contribute their full potential to the future.

There are many highlights to this work. Throughout this past school year, a team of dedicated Delta staff, community members, and parents have worked together on BC’s Indigenous Equity Scan, and we will continue to challenge each other in the coming year.


Please also take some time looking at our many shared stories of success from this year:

Delta has become a bit of a destination for educators wanting to learn from us and share their thinking as well. We have hosted educators from across the lower mainland, and as far away as Australia and New Zealand, as they visited our collaborative learning spaces to learn more about how we are approaching the new curriculum and building success with Our Bold Vision.

As we look ahead to the coming school year, what I know to be fundamentally true is that we are better together than apart. As education leaders, as students, as parents, and as a community—by challenging each other to try a little harder, and to be a little more curious we create opportunities for success that may have seemed out of reach or hidden from sight.

Before we head off to recharge and relax, I do want to recognize our incredible retirees and those who are moving on to other adventures. We are losing some spectacular individuals who have contributed so much to educating, mentoring and guiding students; their effect is immeasurable.

As always, I’d like to thank our educators for your professionalism and dedication to our students. Whether in a classroom or behind the scenes, your commitment collaboration helps drives us towards being a leading district for innovative teaching and learner success.

To our graduates, my wish for you is that you learn more each year and continue to pursue a life filled with purpose, options and happiness. Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small and that you never need to carry more than you can hold. There is a lot that awaits you, make Delta very proud. – Congratulations Graduates of 2018.

As we see this school year come to an end, I want to personally thank our parents, community partners, and staff for your hard work, dedication, passion and commitment to our students and to our amazing profession. You have earned a well-deserved break, and we hope you enjoy time this summer to relax and recharge for next year.

Over the summer, I hope that each of you make time for those things that you truly love to do—be it spending time in the garden, or at some of our beautiful beaches and forests, or enjoying moments together with family and friends.  For me, I plan to catch up on reading, walk my dogs, relax with family, and do my own reflection on what wonderful things we might accomplish next year… together.

Doug Sheppard
Superintendent, Delta School District