Two Delta Secondary Schools Win the 2024 WorkSafeBC Video Contest

Category: District

Congratulations to the film-making students at Sands and Delview Secondary Schools, who claimed top honours in this year’s WorkSafe BC Student Safety Video Contest.

Students were given the task of producing a two-minute original video on the topic of Staying focused at work. They were encouraged to think of a creative way to get their message across using any style of video: drama, comedy, documentary, music video, stop-motion, animation or mash ups!

WorkSafeBC awarded a total of four prizes – two for Grade 8-10 submissions and two for Grade 11/12 submissions. This year’s contest had a record number of entries (160). Sands and Delview students scooped up the two Grade 11/12 category prizes! Entries were judged on the impact of their safety message, original creative concept, and technical execution.

At Sands Secondary, Media Arts, Yearbook and Social Studies teacher Ryan Evans supported a class of 26 students as they moved through the video production process. The students worked hard developing a concept for the video ‘Pay Attention’, writing a script, holding auditions for the acting roles, directing photography and filming, managing lighting and sound, even creating a movie poster and behind-the-scenes content. They spent seven days creating their film.

Gaffer and make-up artist Ava noted that with everyone focused on one project, “It felt different, it didn’t feel like an assignment,” while storyboard artist Lauren said, “It was really cool to work together and discover everyone’s talents.”

At Delview Secondary, Science teacher Terri Thomas supported students Alex Toth, Jan Dunker and Steve Justinian Vargas through their video making process. The three students spent two weeks working on their video ‘Science for Citizens Safety at the Workplace’, with two of the days within class time, and the remainder on their own time.

“We really appreciated the subject the project tackled. As our world gets busier, we get less focused on keeping ourselves safe in the workplace, and we enjoyed the opportunity to make a video that could be a fun way of reminding people to stay safe. We also learned a lot about the whole process behind such a production. Collecting ideas, finding locations, costuming, shooting and finally editing gave us an exciting insight into the process of video production. We would also like to give our thanks to Mrs. Thomas who signed the class up and helped us find places to record when some prior plans started to fall through,” commented Alex, Jan and Steve.

Watch the winning submissions here:

The prize for both schools was $1,500 for the school and $1,000 split among the students. The submission from Sands Secondary ‘Pay Attention’ was also chosen for a bonus prize, the Aspiring Filmmaker Award, sponsored by the Actsafe Safety Association. It will be presented at Actsafe’s Annual Safety Conference next spring where approximately 200 safety leaders for motion picture production companies, unions, performing arts venues and live event production companies will be in attendance.

Congratulations to all the students involved!