Youth Advisory Councils Share Progress with the Delta Board of Education

Category: District

Students from the seven secondary schools in Delta attended the Public Board Meeting on June 18, 2024 to deliver presentations and answer questions from trustees on the important work they have undertaken over the past year as members of the Delta Youth Advisory Council (DYAC).

DYAC is a formal student voice committee intended to represent their peers in improving their educational experience. It provides a formal process for Delta students to express their ideas and opinions regarding district programs and operations to the Board of Education, Superintendent and district administrative staff. It also provides a forum for them to explore issues that are of concern to students in their school community.

During the 2023/2024 school year, students have worked on a range of diverse initiatives including:

  • creating safe spaces for students to go when they feel stressed (Burnsview, Seaquam)
  • identifying ways to make the transition from elementary to high school easier, including creating student mentorship programs (Burnsview, Sands)
  • focusing on individual student improvement and school improvement (Delview)
  • creating traditions and events to help strengthen connectivity between students, as well as between students and staff (Delview, North Delta, Seaquam)
  • improving mental health literacy among students by developing and delivering lesson plans (North Delta)
  • normalizing identity and self-expression (Sands)
  • surveying students to find areas of concern (South Delta)
  • working on student inclusivity and student belonging (Delta)

“I never fail to be amazed by the dedication and passion of students involved in DYAC,” said Val Windsor, Chair, Delta Board of Education. “Each school’s DYAC meets on a regular basis to develop and implement specific initiatives for their school. In addition, each secondary school hosts a meeting for all the DYAC students across the district to come together to discuss what they are working on and to share ideas and best practices. Through their hard work, they are advocating for change and building a better school community. The Delta Board of Education appreciates their voice and values their ideas.”