The French Corner

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) – Delta Chapter

Delta School District is pleased to partner with Canadian Parents for French – Delta Chapter! CPF assists with events in schools and promotes French in the Delta community. It also offers language camps and scholarships. Memberships to the CPF helps this non-profit organization to provide opportunities for French Immersion, Francophone, and FSL students. CPF also provides a good support network for French Immersion parents.

For more information regarding membership and French opportunities through CPF, please contact Sabine Görtz, Chair of CPF – Delta Chapter,

Please visit Delta’s CPF Facebook:

L’Alliance française

Delta School District is pleased to partner with L’Alliance française to deliver quality French instruction for children and adults in Delta this Fall.

L’Alliance française, a worldwide network of 1,200 independently run committees established in 138 countries, including Brazil, China, Korea, India, and Russia, is the first cultural network in the world.


  • To offer French courses to all audiences;
  • To raise awareness of French and French-speaking world cultures, in all of their dimensions;
  • To promote cultural diversity by highlighting all cultures.

Adults and children, French courses being offered this Fall in Delta! Please contact L’Alliance française in advance to schedule an appointment for your French language placement test in Delta.

Phone: 604-327-0201