Preparing for Kindergarten

The Delta School District has prepared a series of short videos and handouts to support families in preparing for kindergarten. They offer tips and suggestions to help all children have a successful start to kindergarten. Please click on the links below to access these resources.

Key to Kindergarten Video     Key to Kindergarten Handout

3S for Success Video     3S for Success Handout

Reading Joy Video    Reading Joy Handout

Write the World Video     Write the World Handout

Math Moments Video      Math Moments

Inching to Independence Video     Inching to Independence Handout

Sanity in September Video    Sanity in September Handout

Preparing For Kindergarten Brochure

Does your child have questions about starting Kindergarten? Watch this Video. It contains questions from children about to enter Kindergarten and features answers from staff from across our school district.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a normal part of many children’s first experiences going to school. Loving parents and other caregivers are a child’s best asset for coping with anxious times. Explore the resources below to find ways that help reduce the anxiety children experience and respond in anxious times:

Video of Separation Anxiety Workshop for Parents and Caregivers

Accompanying Handout 

Timeline to Reduce Anxiety
Many of our favourite easily doable suggestions for preparing for  Kindergarten

10 Ways to Respond to Anxiety that Work
Quick things parents and other caregivers  can try when a child is feeling anxious

Reading and Resources for Parents
Links and Books to Support Parents of Anxious children 

Beginning School Books
Some of our favourite books about going to school to open up conversations about school and help kids picture what it will be like

Books that Address Anxiety
Use to normalize and talk about anxiety

Resources to Use with Kids

Strategies can be introduced to children to communicate the message that there are deliberate things we can do when we’re feeling anxious. While some children may be able to use some of the strategies you teach them some of the time, it is not reasonable to expect anxious kids to independently apply strategies yet. Also remember that during anxious times noticing and reducing the anxiety’s impact is the goal, not getting rid of it.

Breathing Techniques
Ways to practice taking conscious control of breathing by inhaling deeply by expanding the stomach and exhaling completely

Visualization Techniques
Engage the imagination to counteract the grip of anxiety on the mind.

Muscle Relaxation
Strategies to practice tensing and releasing muscles to take control of muscles and compare the feelings of tight muscles compared to relaxed ones

Measuring Anxiety
Description of the technique of measuring the size of the anxiety being experienced

Before School Sample Separation Plan
A example of ways families can gently work on separation over the summer

Taking the Next Step
Signs a child may be ready to take the next step during an anxious experience and tips for leaving when it comes time.