Do what you love. At school.

We believe our Academy Programs are testament to our goal of engaging learners through stimulating, relevant and inspiring educational experiences. Each of our unique academies creates an environment where our students feel great pride and, in turn, great success. Our passionate teachers and outstanding professional coaches work hard at building positive, trusting, and encouraging relationships with our learners.

Academy programs are an example of Delta’s commitment to offering choice programs that enable learners to engage in their passion during the school day.

The Delta School District is pleased to announce the following academies will be running in the 2022/2023 school year:

  • All three film programs, Film Acting, Film Production and Visual Effects, will be offered to all Secondary School students once again at “The Studio” at Delta Manor Education Centre.

Please note: Families are responsible for getting their children to and from the Academy programs. The Delta School District is unable to provide transportation.

Please see individual program websites for specific information. Registration is a two part process: please apply through MyEd and also through the Delta Academies website and use the “Apply Now” link (this “Apply Now” link can also be found on each individual academy website).

Delta Academies Website