Youth Train in Trades (Ace It)

ACE IT is an industry training program for high school students. ACE IT stands for “Accelerated Credit Enrollment in Industry Training”. Students take dual credit courses that will give them credit towards both secondary graduation and completion of an apprenticeship or industry training program. ACE IT programs are offered as partnerships between school districts and training providers, as well as our own Designated Trainer facilities.

Upon successful completion they will receive credit for ‘level one’ of the technical training (in-class) component of an Industry Training Program. That means they have a significant head start on post-secondary education by the time they graduate from high school – as well as gaining practical and in-demand skills. Students who complete their Level 1 technical training often have very good success in finding employment. Work experience placements are often part of the program and ACE IT students also receive apprenticeship registration with the ITA.

The District generally pays for the tuition costs with students being responsible for all other costs such as materials, personal safety equipment, textbooks, learning modules, and any other costs required by the training facility besides tuition.

New programs are continually being developed. Career staff and counselors in each school have information on current ACE IT programs available to students. Students must apply to be considered for a District ACE IT program. There is a rigorous interview process as seats are limited. Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance. The Application package is due prior to spring break for the following school year.