Alternative Education

Delta Alternate Education Programs are designed for adolescents of average ability who have social, emotional or behavioural challenges, and may have been unsuccessful in adjusting to routines, schedules and course demands in a regular school setting. Typically, classes have approximately 15 students, one teacher and a teaching assistant.

Students in these programs have access to Counselling and Aboriginal Support Workers, and some programs have ChildCare Worker support as well. Students in these programs may graduate with a School Completion Certificate, or if they have completed all requisite courses, with a Grade 12 Dogwood Certificate. With the recommendation of the Alternate Education Teacher, students may have the option to return to the regular school program.

Although Alternate classes offer a different approach to learning, all of the regular school rules apply in these programs. The expectations for student behaviour are common to all programs: regular attendance, respectful and appropriate behaviour, and completion of a satisfactory standard of work.

Procedure for Applying

  1. The student should speak to the school counsellor, and request the application forms.
  2. Forms are completed by the parent, student and school.
  3. Some educational testing and school reports are required.
  4. Completed application forms are then sent to the District Coordinator responsible for Alternate Programs.
  5. The student is placed in an appropriate Alternate Education Program if there is space available.

If there is no space available, the student is placed on a waiting list and contacted when a vacancy occurs.

For further information, please contact the Inclusive Learning department at 604-952-5339.