Project Pickle

Project Pickle

Are we having fun yet? Welcome to a new year of “Hort in the Hood” in the Delta School District.

For close to three years now the Delta School District has been a proud leader and innovator in agriculture education. What started as a modest undertaking to promote agri-literacy in our classrooms has grown in to a well-known teaching tool in Delta and beyond. Project Pickle, the tale of seed to burger, chronicles the complex journey within the food system that results in the crunchy snack that we probably take for granted. Along this journey are many lessons that will help children in our school district appreciate how to grow, harvest, market and ultimately eat homegrown food.

Seventy raised garden beds on fifteen school neighbourhood farms are in various stages of planting. Most have bulbs that are making there way out of the ground and “planning to plant” lessons have already commenced with many students.

Composting sessions have been ongoing for a couple of months and soon some seed will be able to get in to greenhouses and the ground for first crops. By the end of this school year approximately 3500 of our students will have planted a variety of veggies.

The Project Pickle website chronicles the action in the classroom and on the school farms. There is also a broad resource library on the site for our students and educators.

If you would like to know more about Project Pickle, please feel free to contact “Farmer Mike” at  You can also follow the fun @dirtworking on Twitter.