Green Team

The Delta Green Committee began in 2009 with the purpose of making the Delta School District and all of its facilities more sustainable. The overall goals of the Committee are:

  • To help staff take initiative in how we operate our schools to become more energy-efficient;
  • To raise awareness on conservation; and,
  • To reduce waste.

The Committee brings people together to spread this knowledge, reach stakeholder groups, and to make progress towards its goals. The Committee is composed of students (Delta Youth Sustainability Network), teachers, vice-principals and principals, facilities staff, and executives.

The Committee’s Vision statement is:
The District is committed to fostering policies, practices and educational programs, which will protect and preserve the environment.

Some of the recent work of the Committee has undertaken includes:

  • Turning the Sustainability Policy into a Procedure;
  • Implementing and evaluating the summer/winter/spring break Shut Down campaigns;
  • Deciding how to introduce the four-bin waste stations into each school and related information-sharing to students and staff on how to use them properly;
  • Sharing feedback on initiatives happening in the District; and,
  • Sharing custodial data to make decisions and future reduction of appliances for energy saving.

The Committee encourages sharing of ideas about conservation and sustainability from anyone in the District, and will review each idea or suggestion as a Committee. Staff and students are welcome to join our monthly meetings to see what we are all about!