Student Records

In order to provide appropriate instruction and educational services, the District maintains information on students and their families. Pertinent information in these records shall be readily available to appropriate school personnel, be accessible to the parents or legal guardians of school-age students or to the students in accordance with legislation, yet will be guarded as confidential information.

The records shall also be available with proper authorization to a person planning for the delivery of, or delivering health, social, or support services to the student, or to the Board’s insurer to the extent necessary to meet any claims being made against the insurance provided to the Board by the insurer. Such records are released on the understanding that the person receiving such information shall not disclose it except for the purpose intended.

The Superintendent or his delegate shall ensure the proper administration of student records in accordance with legislated requirements, as well as the need for efficient and safe collection and retention of student information.

All individual student records maintained by the District are confidential, including individual addresses and telephone numbers.