Financial Information

The Board of Education adopts the Annual Budget and Annual Budget Bylaw by June 30th each year to provide spending authority for the next fiscal year. Boards of Education can choose their own timing for this budget, as long as it is adopted before the start of the new fiscal year.

Operating grants will be recalculated in the Fall, after September 30th enrolment is confirmed. A Board of Education may amend its annual budget at that time. Under the School Act, the Minister may order that a Board of Education must amend its annual budget and send a certified copy of the amended budget bylaw to the Minister within 60 days of the order.

Boards are required to prepare a balanced budget where Board operating fund revenues plus any appropriated surpluses fully fund the following:

  • annual operating expenses
  • interfund transfers for capital acquisitions, local capital or other purposes
  • planned reduction of unfunded liability for employee future benefits and vacation pay
  • any planned reduction of prior years' deficits
Budget Recommendations Annual Budget Amended Budget Financial Statements
2006-2007 2006-2007 2006-2007 2006-2007
2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008
2008-2009 2008-2009 2008-2009 2008-2009
2009-2010 2009-2010 2009-2010 2009-2010
2010-2011 2010-2011 2010-2011 2010-2011
2011-2012 2011-2012 2011-2012 2011-2012
2012-2013 2012-2013 2012-2013 2012-2013
2013-2014 2013-2014 2013-2014 2013-2014
2014-2015 2014-2015 2014-2015 2014-2015
2015-2016 2015-2016 2015-2016 2015-2016
2016-2017 2016-2017 2016-2017  

The Public Sector Employers' Council (PSEC) Secretariat has released the disclosure report on their public website for 2014-2015. Click HERE to view the report.