DPD School Liaison Program

The School Liaison Program is designed to build a strong relationship between police and youth to influence youth in becoming responsible members of the community. The school liaison officers serve the 18,000 youth in 36 schools in the Delta school community.

The supervisor for the School Liaison Program is Sgt. Jason Formby.

High Risk Youth Team

Cst. Gurleen Kalkat
Cst. Jessy Sahota

Mental Health Unit

Cst. Mike Atkinson

School Liaison Officers
North Delta
Officer High Schools Elementary Schools
Cst. Calnan

Delview Annieville, Devon Gardens, Gibson, Immaculate Conception*

*Private school

Cst. Knight Seaquam Cougar Canyon, Pinewood, Sunshine Hills, Heath,


Cst. Glen Sands, Burnsview Brooke, Gray, Chalmers

Cst. Boyce


North Delta Hellings, Richardson, McCloskey, Jarvis
South Delta
Officer High School Elementary Schools
Cst. Semler Delta Hawthorne, Holly, Ladner, Neilson Grove, Port Guichon, Sacred Heart*, Delta Christian*

*Private school

Cst. Porter


South Delta Beach Grove, Cliff Drive, English Bluff, Pebble Hill, South Park, Ecole du Bois-Joli*, Southpointe Academy*

*Private school

The Curriculum

All the classes from kindergarten to grade 12 will be visited by their school liaison officer each school year for a formal presentation on a grade-appropriate topic. Examples are provided below. Please note: The list of topics is currently being updated for the 2024/2025 school year.

Kindergarten Safety Bear Safety Bear
Grade 1 Strangers and Safety Awareness
Grade 2 Strangers and Personal Safety
Grade 3 Teasing
Grade 4 Peer Pressure
Grade 5 Bullying and Fireworks
Grade 6 Internet Safety
Grade 7 Drug Education
Grade 8 Drug Education, Internet safety
Grade 9 Violence in Dating Relationships
Grade 10 Driver Education
Grade 11 Open Forum
Grade 12 Drinking and Driving

The school liaison officers also work in partnership with the school administrators and outside agencies including ICBC, Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and Delta Youth Services to provide presentations to both youth and their parents.

By maintaining a balance of education and enforcement initiatives the school liaison officers continue to provide Delta students with a safe learning environment and the tools for success in life.