Challenge Exams


New this year:  A credit card payment option is available for those who don’t have cheques (a small credit card surcharge will be added).  The links for completing credit card payments have been added below.  To prevent mistakes, you must read the “Challenge Exam Online Payment Instructions” before completing the payments.  Using cheques is still the preferred and simplest way to pay.

  1. The deadline for applications to the 2023/2024 Language Challenge Exams is November 3, 2023.  This is the deadline for students – schools still have another two weeks after that to get the applications to us.
  2. Exams will take place on Saturday, January 27th and Sunday, January 28th, 2024.  Your exam will take around three hours – you will be informed whether your exam is scheduled for the morning or afternoon.
  3. In the Challenge Exam Application Package, Page 9 is to be filled out online before you print the package. You will see the highlighted areas and drop boxes where you should type.
  4. Confirmation emails will be sent out by December 15, 2023.  If you have not received an email confirmation letter after that date,  please contact us by email ( or call  604-940-5550.
  5. All universities in Canada accept Language Challenge exam marks. UBC accepts Challenge credits for pre-requisite requirements for courses and second-language requirements but does not accept Challenge marks as part of the GPA calculation for admission. It is highly recommended that you check with your intended university for their admissions requirements.

Challenge Exam Application Package 2024

Challenge Exam Info Book for Counsellors 2024

Challenge Exam Reread Policy 2024

Challenge Examination Specifications – Language Grade 11

Challenge Examination Specifications – Language Grade 12

Equivalency Review Questions

MORE INFO: 604-940-5550

Exam Schedule

January 27, 2024 January 28, 2024
Farsi 11 French 11
Farsi 12 Korean 11
French 12 Mandarin 12 (traditional)
Korean 12 Mandarin 12 (simplified)
Japanese 11 Punjabi 11
Japanese 12 Punjabi 12
Mandarin 11 (simplified) Spanish 11
Mandarin 11 (traditional) Spanish 12
Exams will be held at:

Delta Secondary School
4615 – 51st St.
Ladner, BC V4K 2V8


Phil Manuel
Program Manager, Language Challenge Exams
Phone:  604-940-5550

Coast Metro Consortium

The Coast-Metro Challenge Consortium is a steering committee, representing eleven school districts, which oversees the Language Challenge process for the students in the member districts.

The following school districts are members of the Coast-Metro Challenge Consortium:

  • Abbotsford – School District 34
  • Burnaby — School District 41
  • Coquitlam — School District 43
  • Delta — School District 37
  • Howe Sound — School District 48
  • Langley — School District 35
  • New Westminster — School District 40
  • North Vancouver — School District 44
  • Richmond — School District 38
  • Surrey — School District 36
  • Vancouver — School District 39
  • West Vancouver — School District 45

Please Note: Students who attend schools that are not a part of the Consortium, are also welcome to take part in the Language Challenge Exams. Please approach the counselling department of your school for further information.

Examination Requirements


No other materials are allowed


  1. No papers will be allowed for rough work.
  2. Items such as cellular phones, pagers, and wrist watch alarms are not permitted.
  3. You will be asked to store all bags and unauthorized materials at the front of the room during the examination. Please do not bring unnecessary materials to the examination. Delta School District will not be responsible for items lost or stolen.
  4. You should arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the examination. If you are late, your work might not be accepted.
  5. For examinations longer than one hour, you are not allowed to leave the examination room, for any reason, until one hour after the published starting time. If you are allowed to leave before the end of the examination, you will not be allowed to return.
  6. You may not borrow anything from another student/candidate during the examination.
  7. Washroom breaks will not be permitted once the examination has been started.
  8. You may wish to dress in layers to ensure your comfort during the examination.


Computers, data banks, correction fluid, or “liquid paper”, rough paper or scratch pad. Dictionaries are not permitted for language examinations.


All students are permitted to bring the following:

  • pens (black or blue ink is recommended)
  • pencils (extra lead if using mechanical pencil)
  • erasers
  • rulers
  • sharpeners

Conduct in Examinations
Students – Please read carefully before attending an examination.

  • You must present your photo identification to the examination supervisor at the examination sign-in procedure. If you fail to do so, you may not be allowed to write the examination.
  • If you arrive late within the first half hour of the examination, you will be permitted to write the examination but you will not be allowed any extra time. If you arrive after the first half hour, you will be permitted to write the examination provided that no other candidate has left the examination room, but you will be required to give your reason for the lateness and extra time is not allowed. The Delta School District reserves the right to refuse to accept the examination submitted by such a candidate.
  • You must sign the examination attendance register when you receive the examination and sign the register again when you turn in the examination and leave the room
  • You may only have access to authorized materials as stated on the attached requirements sheet during the examination. All other materials are not authorized and must be placed against the wall at the front of the examination room or as directed by the examination supervisor.
  • You may not open the examination envelope until you are instructed to do so. You may complete the outside of the envelope before the timer begins.
  • Tell the Invigilator at once if you think you have not been given the right question paper or all the materials listed on the front of the paper, or, if the question paper is incomplete or badly printed.
  • You are not permitted to leave the examination room for any reason during the first hour of the examination period. If you leave before the end of the examination, you will not be allowed to return.
  • NOTE: There will be no washroom breaks permitted.
  • No new candidates may enter the examination as latecomers if anyone has left the examination room.
  • All examination papers and all answer booklets, used or unused, or any other supplied materials, MUST be returned in the examination envelope and handed in to the examination supervisor when leaving the examination. Failure to do so could result in a penalty.
  • You are not permitted to talk, eat, drink, smoke, use pagers or cellular phones, or make unnecessary noise in the examination room.


Any form of cheating or misconduct will not be tolerated by the Delta School District. Misconduct includes any form of cheating or breach of conduct rules, as above. Cheating consists of, but is not limited to, obtaining information or academic advantages by fraud or deceit. For example, no student shall exchange information with another student in the course of an examination, use unauthorized materials in the course of an examination, represent/impersonate another in the taking of an examination, or other similar activities. Penalties for misconduct will include, but are not limited to, assignment of a grade of ‘0’ and additional penalties as determined to be appropriate.

The Delta School District in collaboration with the Coast-Metro Challenge Consortium is offering the following courses for Language Challenge exams:

  • French 11/12
  • Japanese 11/12
  • Korean 11/12
  • Mandarin 11/12
  • Punjabi 11/12
  • Spanish 11/12