Facility Rentals

To support its Communicable Disease Prevention Plan and in addition to the usual Terms & Conditions Governing Use of School Facilities, rental groups are required to follow the stipulations of Communicable Disease Prevention Plan: HIGHLIGHTS AFFECTING RENTAL GROUPS.

The Delta School District readily makes its facilities available for community use throughout the school year. These include classrooms, multipurpose rooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries and theatres.

The facilities are generally available for community use after 5:00 p.m. (secondary school gyms may be later). Facilities are also available for rent on weekends with an additional custodial charge added to provide opening and closing, security, and custodial services. Custodial charges are a four-hour minimum on weekends.

All requests to book facilities in the Delta School District are handled through the Facility Rentals department. A rental permit will be provided upon approval. Please note that rentals cannot be arranged more than 6 months in advance and rental rates vary according to the group classification, the type of facility required, and whether additional custodial time is required.

To find out more, please contact the Facilities Rentals department at 604-952-5335 or facilityrentals@deltaschools.ca. For rental requests, please review our Terms & Conditions Governing Use of School Facilities and Communicable Disease Prevention Plan: HIGHLIGHTS AFFECTING RENTAL GROUPS, then complete and submit the following application:

For use of school fields, please contact the Delta Parks and Recreation Department at 604-946-3304.