A Holiday Message from Doug Sheppard, Superintendent of Schools

Happy Holidays from the Delta School District and Board of Education.
Schools will be closed from December 17 until January 2, with classes resuming at all schools on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.


For many, including myself, this time of year is a period for reflection and a time for gratitude. As we wind down 2016 and head into the winter holidays, I am reminded of the accomplishments the Delta School District has achieved throughout the year.

2016 has been a year of change and growth for Delta School District. We have opened our schools and communities to numerous new refugee families who have had to flee their homes in Syria and elsewhere. We have welcomed many new staff members to the district, and supported students who have moved to Delta from other parts of the country and throughout the world. Our community has opened their homes to our many international students, making life-long connections and supporting education both at home and internationally. As well, the revised British Columbia Ministry Curriculum and Assessment has taken centre stage this year. Delta School District staff continue to seek innovations to deepen student learning and improve overall success for all of our learners.

Our teachers and staff have continued their work to ensure that our students are supported in their learning within a safe, respectful and caring environment. I truly believe that our students and staff are as generous, creative and talented as anywhere in the world.

This holiday season, I hope you will join me in taking a few moments to reflect on the positive impact our students, parents, teachers and staff all make each and every day to their school communities and to each other. I am very proud of the strong emphasis we place on relationships and caring in our schools, in addition to excellence in teaching and learning. Our compassion and support of one another gives us much hope for reaching our district mission ‘to enable all learners to succeed and contribute their full potential to the future.’

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my own wishes of peace, love, joy and hope, to each member of our Delta School District community. My sincerest thanks go out to all those who contribute to making Delta a successful School District.

Have a wonderful holiday season, with time for celebration, relaxation and joyful experiences with family and friends.

Doug Sheppard
Superintendent of Schools