Amazing Race Across Delta

Category: District

Article written by Joie Marin, Grade 12 student, North Delta Secondary School

On May 4, 2023, 79 students from 29 different schools participated in Amazing Races across Delta. After being organized into teams, they were off! There were seven stops in North Delta: North Delta Secondary School, North Delta Recreation Centre, Nick’s Nook, North Delta Public Care Unit, George Mackie Library, Delta Fire Hall No. 3, Delta Police Department, Delta Community College, and the Hillside Club.Similar Amazing Race events took place for youth in Ladner and Tsawwassen.

In Ladner, race participants visited Wintemute Boys and Girls Club, Ladner Community Centre, Ladner Library, DSS (HUB), Ladner Leisure Centre, City Hall, Police Station, Fire Hall and the Food Bank. In Tsawwassen, race participants visited Winskill Boys and Girls Club, Winskill Pool, Tsawwassen Library, South Delta Rec Centre before being bussed to Ladner to visit Ladner Community Centre, Ladner Library, DSS HUB and Wintemute BGC.

At each of these locations, participants had to follow a set of instructions to collect a stamp and take a photo to prove that they did visit the location and completed the tasks. These activities ranged from a scavenger hunt at the public care unit to an obstacle course hosted by the fire department.

This event was organized by 23 community members who sought to help North Delta youth. They aimed to connect students from different elementary schools, as well as bridge a connection between elementary and high school students. Additionally, the organizers wanted the participants to become aware of all the youth workers, services, and safe spaces within the community. Which they achieved, with one elementary school student stating that they “didn’t know [they] could go to these places.”

Students thoroughly enjoyed the event, and youth worker, Erin England, has noticed an increase in youth visiting the Hillside Club. After the event, she also noted that many of the participants were enthusiastic and had nothing but positive things to say:  “The Amazing Race was exciting and enjoyable, and gave an opportunity to learn about and be a part of the community. It was educational, engaging and overall a great time; I would definitely take part in this event and similar get-togethers like the Amazing Race in the future,” said a North Delta high schooler. An elementary school student mentioned that “it was the best time! and that they “can’t wait to come back during high school and help lead a group.” Others said that they “had a lot of fun and liked meeting the other students,” and “the BBQ was awesome and they really liked the activities.”

Future races will feature a similar structure and will welcome back the community members who had a hand in the success of this event. The organizers plan to improve the race with all feedback they collected, and hope for an even bigger turnout next year!