Burnsview Secondary Receives $3,500 to Support Welding Program

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Burnsview Tech Ed teachers Tim Franzke and Sami Shah recently applied for and received a grant of $3,500 from the CWB Welding Foundation* to support the school’s welding program.

“I’ve set up the workshop so that every student can learn to weld and gets some experience using the welder,” said Mr. Franzke, who is also a Red Seal welder. “This grant will enable me to buy a TIG welder giving students the opportunity to try the latest welding techniques. It’s pretty incredible to think that Burnsview students will get exposure to the same type of machines that second year apprentice welders are learning to use!”

The TIG welder is also cheaper to operate than the school’s current welding machine. Some of the grant will be used to buy raw materials. “The cost of materials continues to skyrocket and it doesn’t feel right to pass that cost onto students, so this grant will ensure students are able to practice their skills using a range of materials,” said Mr. Franzke.

“We know that there is a deficit of welders in the industry which is likely to continue to grow unless we get more students interested in a career in welding,” said Ms. Shah. “Many people don’t realize how big an influence high school programs such as ours can have on a student’s career choice. Working in the trades can be a fantastic option for a student that wants a rewarding career without heading down the traditional academic route. We often see students find their niche and blossom in the hands-on environment that the Tech Ed class provides.”

“On a personal level, I’d love to see more women enter the trades and hope that students are inspired when they see me in the workshop,” said Ms. Shah. “We want everyone who comes into the workshop to be comfortable using the equipment and feel they belong here.”

The Delta School District offers two programs for high school students to kickstart their apprenticeship journey. The first is the Youth Work in Trades program, wherein students are employed by a red seal journeyperson, accruing valuable work hours, getting paid and earning high school elective credits. The second, the Youth Train in Trades program, enables students to apply for post-secondary apprenticeship programs. If accepted into one of our district’s partner programs, the school district covers tuition fees for the student. Both avenues offer students a significant advantage in launching their apprenticeship careers. For more information visit https://deltalearns.ca/careers/

Both Mr. Franzke and Ms. Shah are completing their Master’s in psychology and believe their learning in this area, along with their focus on listening to and connecting with students, has helped students to become engaged and achieve success in the Tech Ed class.

Tim and Sami also received a donation of plastics from BCIT company, worth at least $1,500, that will be used by students practising how to use the CNC Mill that was donated to Burnsview last year by the BC Metal Manufacturers Advisory Group (BCMMAG) through the Construction Foundation of BC. This year, they have also received offcuts of sheet metal, copper, brass and hardwood from Kassel Building.

“Our relationships with local businesses and community organizations are key to the success of our program,” said Mr. Franzke. “Without their donations and grants, we simply wouldn’t be able to offer the same skill building experiences that students have enjoyed over the last couple of years. We are so appreciative of their assistance. We are also very fortunate to have an extremely supportive admin team at this school as well as support from the district’s Facilities team.”

If you have offcuts of materials that you would like to donate to the Tech Ed program at Burnsview Secondary, please contact Mr. Franzke at tfranzke@deltaschools.ca.

*The CWB Foundation was founded by the Canadian Welding Bureau, the professional organization for welders, in 2013 with the aim of helping to reduce barriers for people wanting to pursue a career in welding.

Below are photos of some of the great work by students in the class.